An Intro to SEO

If you are a beginner, chances are you might think SEO is very complicated. This blog will help you know the basics of SEO.
In simple words, Search Engine Optimization is a technique to boost your website so that it achieves the higher spots in the search results of any search engine such as Yahoo, Google or Bingo. Whenever you search for something on Google, the sequence by which the results appear relies on intricate algorithms. These complex algorithms operate on a specific amount of rules which determine the orders of websites displayed in the first, second and other positions. If a website is optimized for search engines, it will set that website apart from other non-optimized ones. An optimized website definitely ranks higher in Google. 

The 3 stages of SEO

Technical SEO 
This stage is a one-time task that configures the settings instead of the web site’s content or promotion. Technical SEO aims to make the job of search engine crawlers easy. If a website is struggling with index and crawling, it might go lower in the results ranking. It is advised to carry out a technical SEO audit review by a Danish SEO provider. This will guarantee that all the settings are working properly. 
On-site SEO
On-site SEO offers an understanding of a website to search engine crawlers that cannot read the content. To give the correct signals, on-site SEO focuses on headings, structured data markups, internal links, keywords, image SEO, title optimization and more. 
Off-site SEO
This goes by another name of link building which allows a website to rank higher in SERPs. Search engines see the index of the searched words and provide the most related websites to the user. The number of backlinks increases the chances of higher ranking. If these backlinks are originating from credible websites, you will score a positive ranking.